So I’ve had this Republic City rap battle comic sitting unfinished for about three months now and I’m sorry to say that’s the way it’ll remain. The verses are really what matters most though, so I’m sure it’s still worth a laugh even though half of it is sketches! 

I really find great enjoyment in coloring in sketches. They have none of the pressure as other drawings because they’re just sketches and you go in not expecting much.

I was going for witty, symbolic, political newspaper comic sorta things regarding equality views in Republic City… but I fear they might have turned out really dumb/confusing hahahaaa.

Redemption Island

Originally these were gonna be humorous comics about Tarrlok and Noatak stranded on some uninhabited island together, but those will come later because I got caught up in color schemes and brotherly bonding.

This reveil caught me by surprize.

His mustache made me think he was an old man.

You know when you work on something so long that you start to question if it even makes sense anymore? That’s this. I can only hope it’s understandable, awkward writing and grammer and all.

I wanted to try to communicate how much I think Lieutenant admired Amon.

Nightmares and Daydreams 

This joke has probably been done a hundred times already I’m sorry.