what's it like seeing most of you posts get thousands of notes when over a year ago they'd never reach that amount? *is a long-time silent follower*

Screams anon it was actually kinda scary at first?? But in a amazing way like woah why? how? Where did all you people come from oh my god let me wheeze on the floor. I cherish all the notes and people though, from superhero summer to now. ;; Especially so on things I hold closer to my heart. 

Sometimes though I kinda feel like I don’t deserve it though? I come across so many wonderful artists that get so little recognition…. Why should I get recognized? Laughs I’m still so inadequate for an artist, I want to learn how to draw backgrounds and other things. I’m scared to upload anything I don’t put a lot of effort in because I don’t want something getting a lot of attention if it’s lazy on my part. 

But laughs I over think things, it’s invigorating most the time!! And flattering and woah the internet is so kind. 

But most of all thanks for sticking around anon! ;; It’s been a wild ride!